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Search Engine Optimisation

Unfortunately, if people can’t find you in search engine results it’s almost as though your website doesn’t exist. It doesn’t matter if you – or we – have built the best looking website anyone has ever seen. Because if it doesn’t show up on Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine, hardly anyone is ever going to see it. That’s where web design meets the science of SEO.

By getting the right keywords into both your copy and your code, we’ll make sure your site gets the attention it deserves from the search engines. We’re experts in making sure search engines don’t have to look too hard to find you.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of our favourite tools. It’s also up there with being one of the most important too. We use it to monitor the performance of your website, from page speed to page views. It helps us to check how well SEO is performing and let’s us know where improvements can be made.

All Website Hub websites come with Google Analytics built in. It means our clients can see who is visiting their site, where they are in the world and which pages they are looking at. Definitely very useful!

SEO as a service

If you didn’t get your site designed by us – and why didn’t you?! – we can offer one of our experts to work on your site SEO.

When starting any search engine work on your behalf our SEO expert will:

  • Analyse your website and identify areas that are having a negative effect on the search engines indexing process
  • Identify with you specific search terms (keywords and phrases) that you want your website to be visible for in search engine results
  • Make suggestions for alternative search terms that may be relevant to bring you more traffic
  • Perform a ranking check to show how your website is currently performing
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