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Website speed is becoming one of the key factors for search engine rankings today – many performance enhancements and tweaks require a bit of skill to set up but we’ve tried to include the best of them in an easy to access way. That’s why we have carefully designed our hosting to provide you some incredible speed benefits as standard.

Some of the features that make our website hosting faster: full page ‘Redis’ caching, LiteSpeed PHP, HHMV Hosting and PHP 7.

That does make it sound a little bit complicated we’ll try and explain a bit more about the different technologies involved.

Our hosting features
Full page caching

‘Redis’ RAM caching enables your website to benefit from full page caching – basically it speeds everything up!

LiteSpeed PHP

Our servers use mod_lsapi (Litespeed API) for PHP Processing. Next level PHP performance!

HHVM Hosting

HHVM is a lightning fast PHP alternative developed by the team at Facebook to speed up websites

PHP version 7

Our native version of PHP is 7.0, however you can easily change from 5.6 to 7.2 in seconds.

Website Hosting Plans
Per Year
No. of websites: 1
Website space: 10GB
Email accounts: 10
Mailbox size: 1GB
MySQL Databases: 5
Data transfer: Unlimited
Per Year
No of websites: 20
Website space: 30GB
Email accounts: 50
Mailbox size: 5GB
MySQL databases: 50
Data transfer: unlimited
Free SSL certificate
Per Year
No of websites: unlimited
Website space: unlimited
Email accounts: unlimited
Mailbox size: unlimited
MySQL databases: unlimited
Data transfer: unlimited
Free SSL certificate
Free backup restore
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